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Super Affection System / Max Affection! I Know This System. / Affection Level ↟ Max ══ What Happens Next ══ / 100% Cleared Harem Route After Maximizing the Favorability After the Favorability Is Maximum Hao Gandu Shua Man Zhihou Hǎo Gǎndù Shuā Mǎn Zhīhòu Level Cinta Maksimum ══ Apa Yang Terjadi Selanjutnya ══ Make the Level up to Max Más allá ↟ del último nivel ══ Una aventura en primera persona══ Niveau d'Affection - Max - Ce qui se passe ensuite Starting Out at Max Favorability Super Affection System 好感度を上げよう 好感度刷满之后 호감도가 오르면